7 original workspace design ideas


Workspace design is a driving force for productivity within a company. Thanks to a healthy, safe, functional, familiar and engaging environment, we naturally feel motivated by the day ahead. That’s why it’s so important to spend time designing your business premises.

If you do not know how to organize such a project for your company, you can get help from specialized professionals. They will offer you advice and will take care of your ambitions. In order to offer you some guidelines for the smooth running of your projects, we offer you some ideas for the design of your work spaces.

7 workspace design ideas

Designing work spaces is all about knowing how to make them more functional. Each room must have its own character so that employees can easily clear their minds and recharge their batteries, hence the need to separate the office and rest areas. In this article, we explain which types of furniture to choose and what atmosphere to create in each environment.

1. Coworking space

The decor of a coworking space should encourage communication between employees. It is important that colleagues can see and talk to each other easily to exchange ideas. A comfortable and open space can help this communication. 

You can use armchairs, a sofa, coffee tables and lounge chairs to create a friendly atmosphere. Also, don’t forget to install a locker in the room so that each worker who leaves can store his or her belongings so that they don’t disturb the others.

2. Cafeteria

A well-designed cafeteria is not only pleasing to the eye and functional, but it also has the power to whet the appetite. By enjoying their meal in a bright and inviting environment, your employees will quickly forget the stresses of the morning. They will start their afternoon in a good mood. 

It can also stimulate their creativity. To do this, make comfort a priority. Decorate the room with green and minimalist plants without overloading it. Also make sure there is enough seating for each of your employees.

Among the elements that will be required are also :

  • a large refrigerator accessible to all
  • a water fountain
  • microwave ovens for reheating food
  • a coffee machine
  • a mini-kitchen open to all

3. A place to relax

Lounge areas are intended to put employees at ease. The furniture in this room should be chosen with care. Your employees should feel at home here in order to work better.

Opt for these types of supplies:

For the decor in general, bet on the colours. This trick allows you to positively influence the psychological state of your employees.

Quality office furniture

4. Space dividers

In both small and large spaces, dividers can be useful to better organize the office. However, the object in question should not take up too much space or make the room less functional.

Here are some of our suggestions to optimize your decor:

  • Removable tertiary partitions: ideal for delimiting two different spaces, such as the relaxation room and the work area.
  • Acrylic partitions: they are all-purpose and of excellent quality. You can choose the most suitable colour for your rooms.
  • Bamboo partitions: they offer a more natural look to the decor. They have a minimalist look that can soothe the mind.

5. A pleasant and functional workspace

For an office to inspire, certain design standards must be met:

  • Choose rooms with good sunlight: working in a dark office is not motivating. Natural light not only provides warmth, but can also energize the body and mind.
  • Install several pieces of storage furniture: a well-organized space allows you to organize your ideas at the same time. 
  • Favour functional furniture: The standing desk is now widely used in modern companies. Thanks to this type of arrangement, employees can carry out their duties while varying their postures thanks to the height adjustment of the table. This reduces the risk of obesity and sedentary lifestyle.  
  • Green plants: They bring serenity to the office. Moreover, plants can also be a source of inspiration and bring style to your decor.

6. Office space 

There are several standards for workstation design. Among others, there are those governing the minimum dimensions for an office. If your premises are quiet, you must offer each of your employees a minimum of 10 m² of work space. If, on the other hand, you work in a rather noisy environment, 15 m² per person will be required.

In terms of measurements, in a workspace of less than 25 m², the width should be twice as large as the length. For an area larger than 25 m², the length should be at least three times the width.

7. A professional office decoration

Office furniture is not chosen at random. Design counts, but don’t forget the practical side! To make your interior space a pleasant place to live, you need to equip yourself with several types of furniture:

Ergonomic desk accessories

Advice on workspace design

Designing a workspace is not an easy task. The layout of the furniture, its style, the atmosphere of the room, its lighting and its environment have a direct impact on the workers’ mood. Motivation and inspiration depend partly on our surroundings, and if these are not engaging, our morale takes a hit. Hence, the importance of contacting a professional.  

Know the standards for workstation design

There are a number of rules to follow when designing an office. The size of the office depends on the activities of the office in question. If employees spend most of their time in the field, a large area is not necessary. If, however, most of the work is done in the office, large spaces are necessary to provide employees with the comfort they need.

Factors to consider in this type of project include:  

  • Safety
  • Mobility within the space
  • Storage requirements
  • Requirements according to the nature of the work
  • Communication needs
  • Working hours
  • Office furniture 
  • Hygiene
  • The frequency of use of the equipment

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