How to improve well-being at work?


Providing a stimulating work environment should be a priority for any business owner, given the related benefits. Employees are more motivated and productive in clean, spacious offices with beautiful designs.

If you want to improve your team’s productivity and well-being at work, one of the best solutions is to design your workspaces. Not only will you make them more functional, but also more comfortable. 


What is corporate well-being?

Corporate well-being is a factor that promotes productivity and motivation of employees at work. It limits psychosocial risks and optimises relations and communication between employees.

Physical well-being in the workplace

In order to combat sedentary behaviour at work, a lot of companies are integrating physical activity programs into their management policy. In this respect, coffee breaks are sometimes transformed into collective sports sessions. This alternative aims to improve the living conditions of employees.

This type of well-being at work offers several benefits. It boosts the performance of employees by allowing them to release stress and frustrations accumulated during working hours.

You can organize different types of physical activity: 

  • Football match
  • Ping-pong
  • Basketball
  • Zumba or yoga session 
  • Dance classes
  • Weight training session
  • Running

To make the right choice, it is important that the employer listens to his team.

Psychological well-being at work

As a business owner, you need to know how to boost employee morale, as there is nothing worse than unmotivated employees. This situation can only be detrimental to the smooth running of your organization.

The psychological well-being of your employees has a great influence on their creativity and productivity. To optimize the psychological well-being of their team, business leaders use several methods: 

  • Yoga sessions
  • Group Insurance 
  • Green plants in the office and biophilic design 
  • A reward system for top performance
  • A flexible schedule
  • Dinners at the restaurant and 5 to 7
  • Team building outings
  • A minimalist and pleasant space design 

Support programs 

Health and wellness should be a top priority in a company’s management policy. Most companies offer a variety of support programs to their employees. Here are some examples of programs that are commonly offered:

  • A healthy eating program through the cafeteria
  • Anti-smoking campaigns
  • A work and stress support program
  • A program to improve workplace safety
  • Health insurance

Before developing your workplace wellness program, it is necessary to ask the human resources department to conduct a survey to determine your employees needs.


Why is well-being at work important?

People spend most of their time in the office, and being confined to a work space that is poorly maintained and furnished increases the risks of stress and anxiety. This is why well-being at work is essential.  

Productivity improvement

With a good psychological state, your workers will be able to give their best. You simply have to offer them favourable conditions, for example by establishing a reward system for work well done or performance to give your employees new motivation to excel. Moreover, an employee who is happy in his work environment is much more creative. 

Improvement of daily work life 

Working in a team that is always stressed because of an unhealthy environment can lead to many workers quitting. By designing a welcoming and functional workspace, you encourage your employees to stay with your organization. At the same time, you get recognition from your employees and it will be easier for you to attract new talent. 

Reduced absenteeism

By optimizing the well-being of your employees, you can reduce absenteeism. Moreover, if you are flexible and allow your employees to telework for example 2 days out of 5, they will be grateful and more motivated at work. 


Tips for improving your employees’ well-being at work

Offer flexible hours

Happy employees at work will be more productive. Keep in mind that working more is not the same as working better. By offering your employees reasonable and flexible working hours, they will be able to balance their private and professional life better and will be more creative and motivated to work. 

 Establish rest periods

Having the time to recharge and take some time for yourself is a gift your employees will no doubt appreciate. Days off are mandatory in all companies, but why not give your employees one or two afternoons off per month?

Provide a better work experience

There are many things you can do to improve the work experience of your teams. You can buy ergonomic office furniture or accessories, arrange the space, offer them unlimited coffee and tea, have them fill out surveys to better understand their needs, etc. You should also give your employees equal opportunities to move up the ladder. They will be more motivated if you offer them good prospects for development within your organization.

Work on team cohesion and team spirit

A close-knit team contributes to the success of the company, so it is important to organize conflict management sessions and team building activities. There is nothing like a friendly environment to build relationships between colleagues and managers.

Provide good insurance for your employees

Your employees monthly salary may not be enough to cover all their expenses. Offering group insurance to your employees is a great way to reduce employee turnover and attract new talent. With this initiative, your workers will be covered for health, retirement and even death without having to dip into their savings.

Create a space for relaxation at work

A bland layout in your premises can quickly discourage your workers. In order to awaken creative minds, having a functional and inspiring environment is essential. Creating a relaxation area for your employees will allow them to take their minds off work for a while and then return to their duties.

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